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Johnny Depp does not have a social media account of any kind. Neither does his family. All the ones that exist are FAKE
I will ship Johnny Depp & Marilyn Manson 'till my dying day
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“The ultimate questions of our lives: Where do I go? What do I do? What is this all about? …this eternal confusion. And even more than this, this drawing also represent the idea of always questioning the things you do. Never stop questioning. You should never stand by without taking a position. You have to face the things that will happen to you, you have to confront the media, to governments, the people who pretend they know everything and who say they can control your life. Questioning, exploring and investigating everything yourself, that’s the key. Never give up.” Johnny Depp
Listen closely: the only time it’s too late to change yourself is when you’re dead. Until then, you’re simply making excuses or lying to yourself. —Unknown
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Johnny Depp - Quotes

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Amy Winehouse winged eyeliner evolution (2003 - 2003 -2004 - 2006)

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I didn’t know this about myself, but when ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ came out I realised that I didn’t enjoy a huge amount of recognition. I didn’t react to it well, but I think life is about finding out who you are and what you like. So I started doing independent movies and art-house films instead. - Keira Knightley

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There’s a line between being an artist and being a celebrity. Whether you’re a famous photographer or artist, or you’re an actor or director, it’s no longer about your job it’s about being a celebrity and somehow that’s your job and I hate that idea. - Amber Heard

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Captain Jack Sparrow, my first love

Donnie Brasco (1997)
       ↳ All my life I’ve tried to be the good guy, the guy in the white fucking hat. And for what? For nothing. I’m not becoming like them; I am them.

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I just bought wireless headphones, and we all know what that means…

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Helena Bonham Carter and Dame Judi Dench at Nicole Farhi’s debut exhibition of sculptures, ‘From The Neck Up’

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As you may know, Amber Heard is one of the latest victims of the vicious hacker who has been publishing private photos of certain celebrities. I’m addressing this situation because it’s frustrating seeing the pictures posted on Tumblr or other sites, even by so called fans of Amber. I mean, why? Is it really necessary to keep posting these pictures over and over again? Why would they keep giving the hacker what he wants? Yes, Amber took those pictures and so what? She can do whatever she wants, because guess what? It’s her body, it’s her life. These pictures were meant to be private, they were sent to her fiancé, they were not taken for public consumption by any means.

And you know what? This is not only about Amber, it’s about all these celebrities that had their pictures published without their consent. The hacker violated their private lives and it’s disgusting seeing how people keep spreading them around the net and on top of that are talking shit about the victims or mocking them. It’s like people forget that these women are human beings and that they are SO much more than these pictures, they are talented and amazing women, who are just like you and I and deserve to be respected.


Just saw the movie Tusk and sweet lord, it changes my view on Walrus’. But I recommend it. It was different.


For God’s sake, show that you are a real fan, show that you respect those people and stop to post the Amber’s picture. This is sick, and disgusting.. she’s not a slut for take nudes to her fiancee, she’s a human, they are a fucking couple! What the hell do you expect????? They are famous and not saints! Respect them, respect her. Thanks.


No matter what people say, I will always support Amber, and I’ll always ship Jamber.


So we’re all men of our word really… except for, of course, Elizabeth, who is in fact, a woman.

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